Powder Coated Fences

Powder coating has a wide variety of applications around your home. Oftentimes, many of the things that people imagine as being done with paint is actually done with powder coating. One example of this is with the fences around your home. Metal fences are perfect for the electrostatic charges and curing over process of powder coating, which will make it more resistant to the weather, allows for more vibrant colors, and more durable over time. Here are several common ways the powder coating is used for residential fencing!

Powder coated chain link fences can be found at many schools, homes, and businesses. The coating on a chain link fence helps keep it from wearing down, over time, because of the seal around the metal. Your standard galvanized chain link fence is going to be susceptible to rust, over time.

A popular use for powder coating is for garden fences, which are often created to be more decorative, but also need to withstand a great deal of water. The shorter height of garden fences makes them exceptionally easy to coat, and makes it easy to customize your garden with a variety of vibrant colors that are made possible with powder coating!

Iron rod fences are a classic style of fencing that are used in plenty of upscale homes. However, iron isn’t the most durable material, despite being fairly hard. Powder coating keeps iron safe from the general wear and tear that it is liable to experience, and can make it better fit the exterior aesthetic of your home.

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