Commercial Decor

Oftentimes, we get projects for unique commercial decor. Powder coating is a perfect option for commercial decorative elements, since it holds up so well to weathering and consistent use. With minimal maintenance, your powder-coated decorative items will continue to look as beautiful as the day after you had them finished.

Powder Coating Gives a Long-Lasting Finish

Powder coating does what paint can’t when it comes to weather endurance. Heat and cold causes materials to expand and contract, which is when a paint coating becomes chipped and cracked. Powder coatings work differently, bonding to the material as a free-flowing powder. No matter how much heating and cooling the item endures, powder coating will cling to it like white on rice. Learn more about the powder coating process here.

No Project is Too Small, or Too Big

Our facility can handle any size project, from small personal items like cell phone covers to huge industrial-sized projects for machinery and factory use. That means that whether you need a large personalized entrance gate, or small decorative plates to be mounted on the wall, we can give you consistent, striking results. Powder coating is especially well suited to customized projects, that are unique to your aesthetic.
Powder coated signs

Powder-coating can be the perfect solution for many different decorative and utilitarian items in your commercial location, including:

  • Signage
  • Railings
  • Specialty doors
  • Arches
  • Light fixtures
  • Tables & seating

From the most ornate metalwork, to industrial materials that need to be tough and enduring, our powder coating warehouse has handled just about any kind of project that you can imagine. Entrust the decor elements for your commercial storefront to us!