The Importance of Sandblasting


What is Sandblasting?

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is the technique that is used to shape, strip, and smooth the surface of materials. Commonly used to smooth, buff, or rough up metal materials, you can visualize this process like a person using sandpaper. Although it’s the same technique, sandblasting allows for a more “proper” finish; one that provides an even texture throughout the surface of whatever material is being used. If the object has a bit of curvature or sharp edges, this method will make sure that no random points or deep crevices are left without being fully sanded. This process can even make an item look new again, rejuvenating it completely.  (more…)

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Everything You Need to Powder Coat at Home

powder coatingPowder coating is definitely a better option than painting when it comes to finishes, but it is a bit of a tricky process to do. Painting does not require much preparation, experience, or financial investment to do properly. Powder coating, on the other hand, requires all of those things, which makes it a challenging do-it-yourself project for most people. However, if you’re committed to powder coating at home, know that it is possible, it just takes some getting used to. In an effort to help the determined DIY enthusiast, here’s a list of things you’ll need to have before you powder coat at home. (more…)

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The Power of Personalization

The Power of Personalization

It’s well known that there is a transformative power to paint. A new, fresh color on the walls of a living room, cabinetry, or a thrifted piece of furniture can completely change the way we look at an object. It can change our feelings toward it, it can even change our mood. Sometimes the average paint can be enough of a game-changer, and can give you the personalization you’ve been looking for, but what if you’re looking to take it up to a whole other level? (more…)

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New Year Home Decor Trends

Every year, we get excited to see what trends are out, and which ones we are welcoming in in their stead. Over the last decades, trends have changed drastically, but here in the powder coating world, we’ve loved adapting to continue on with these trends and bring you beautiful but durable products for your home. Here are a few new year home decor trends to keep an eye out for. Which are your favorites?


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How Powder Coating Works

Since its creation, powder coating has quickly risen in popularity and is on track to replacing paint and other liquid finishes as the most common way to protect and decorate furniture, cars, and many other items. It is a brilliant but surprisingly simple process that is easy to do, but it can be difficult to understand how it works. Here’s a quick explanation of the science behind the world’s fastest-growing finishing process.


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Powder Coating Vs. Paint

When comparing powder coating to traditional paint application, powder coating is superior in almost every way. They both serve similar roles and can be considered two means of achieving the same end: to protect objects and provide a professional-looking finish. Developments in technology have given rise to powder coating, which is quickly replacing traditional paint applications when it comes to applying professional finishes to cars, furniture and other items. Here are a few comparisons between powder coating and paint that will explain the ways in which powder coating is superior to paint, and why it is becoming increasingly popular.


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Tips to Give You a Better Powder Coating Experience

As with the application of any substance or material, sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. There’s always a reason for everything, and luckily, when it comes to powder coating, there are a few simple precautions that you can take to prevent further issues. Here, we will outline some of the most common issues we’ve come across in our years of powder coating, and explain how to prevent them! This way, you won’t have any issues and your powder coated items will be sturdy and strong for years to come.


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How to Protect Your Patio Furniture This Winter

If you live in a really warm location, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to how your patio furniture fares during the winter season. If you live in an area that has a lot of rain and snow during the fall and winter, you’ve probably noticed that the elements really have an effect on the appearance and longevity of your patio furniture.


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How to Get Old Paint off a Car

When applying a new coat of paint on a car, it is important to make sure that all of the old paint is stripped off of the vehicle before you start. If you don’t do this, then a number of problems may occur, such as having odd textures on your vehicle, increased erosion over time, and discoloration on your new coat of paint. In order to strip an old coat of paint off of a vehicle, check out the most popular method below that can help you accomplish this… (more…)

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