Parts of Your Car to Powder Coat

A powder coating job is inherently a custom job every single time, and never is the attention to detail involved in a custom job more important than when applying powder coating to parts of a car. Your car is an investment, and any updates in the form of powder coating must be done professionally and with precision. If you’re wondering how powder coating might be applied to your car, here are three common ways that people customize their cars with powder coating. (more…)

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How to Preserve the Life of Iron Fences

Metal, specifically iron, is one of the strongest types of materials that you can use for your fence and gate. However, one issue that comes with iron fences is the question of durability. For all of the strength that iron has, corrosion and rust feel like an inevitability. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are preventative measures and specific maintenance routines that you can follow to drastically expand the lifespan of your iron fence. Here are some key methods to help you do so… (more…)

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The Importance of Sandblasting


What is Sandblasting?

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is the technique that is used to shape, strip, and smooth the surface of materials. Commonly used to smooth, buff, or rough up metal materials, you can visualize this process like a person using sandpaper. Although it’s the same technique, sandblasting allows for a more “proper” finish; one that provides an even texture throughout the surface of whatever material is being used. If the object has a bit of curvature or sharp edges, this method will make sure that no random points or deep crevices are left without being fully sanded. This process can even make an item look new again, rejuvenating it completely.  (more…)

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Should You Powder Coat Your Motorcycle?

Is your motorcycle in need of a new coat of paint? If so, have you considered getting it powder coated, instead of going through the hassle of painting it, just to have it wear off and need painted again? If you aren’t sure if powder coating is right for you and your bike, here are a few of your questions answered.


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Why to Use Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a common process in metalwork and fabrication jobs. Despite its name, you can use more than just sand. Before starting a powder coating project, it is typical for a company to use it to remove existing paint and aberrations from the material. While there are other options to do this, there are several key reasons why sandblasting is one of the most popular methods… (more…)

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Everything You Need to Powder Coat at Home

powder coatingPowder coating is definitely a better option than painting when it comes to finishes, but it is a bit of a tricky process to do. Painting does not require much preparation, experience, or financial investment to do properly. Powder coating, on the other hand, requires all of those things, which makes it a challenging do-it-yourself project for most people. However, if you’re committed to powder coating at home, know that it is possible, it just takes some getting used to. In an effort to help the determined DIY enthusiast, here’s a list of things you’ll need to have before you powder coat at home. (more…)

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Biggest Benefits of Powder Coating

Because powder coating is a relatively new method of decorating and protecting items, many people are still unsure about what it is and why it is beneficial. In their minds, painting and powder coating produce the same results, and because painting is often less expensive, it is the more logical option. While going with the cheaper option would be reasonable if the two items were identical, in this case, it is not the most logical course of action because powder coating offers many unique benefits that painting does not. For those of you who are still on the fence about whether to paint or powder coat their vehicle, furniture, or other items, here is a brief introduction to what powder coating is and the benefits it provides. (more…)

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The Power of Personalization

The Power of Personalization

It’s well known that there is a transformative power to paint. A new, fresh color on the walls of a living room, cabinetry, or a thrifted piece of furniture can completely change the way we look at an object. It can change our feelings toward it, it can even change our mood. Sometimes the average paint can be enough of a game-changer, and can give you the personalization you’ve been looking for, but what if you’re looking to take it up to a whole other level? (more…)

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Fun Facts About Colors

Colors play a larger role in our lives than we may be inclined to think. Sure, we know they’re nice to look at and understand that colored things are much more appealing than black-and-white, but there are deeper meanings to colors that we usually don’t realize or understand. The science of color psychology is relatively new, but studies have already shown that different colors affect us in different ways. If nothing else, it’s interesting to read about, so in order of the colors of the rainbow, here are some fun facts about colors.


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