If you take a moment to view our Custom Powder Coating Gallery, you’ll quickly see that we serve a very creative clientele with diverse tastes and unique ideas. It’s always a thrill for us to engage in the powder coating process with such creative people and watch their ideas come to fruition. You can powder coat virtually anything to match your fancy. Looking for a way to spruce up your backyard. Have your lawn furniture power coated and give it a splash of color and comfort. Or, take your outdated metal furniture and give it a whole new life. Want to give your skateboard that extra stamp of cool customization? Have your trucks or grip powder coated with an unusual color and texture combination. Or, have your helmet custom powder coated for a truly original look. We strive to keep a great line of communication with our clients so we know what they want and can show them results. We are eager to work with you and make your ideas a reality. If you have any questions about custom powder coating, or what we can do for you: don’t hesitate to contact us.